Jake Anderson, Undergraduate Student

Generalized Born force fields

Carlos A. Brizuela, PhD, Visiting Professor

Machine learning

Molecular design

Chapin Cavender, PhD, Postdoc

Biopolymer force fields for molecular simulations

Laise Pellegrini Alencar Chiari, Visiting PhD Student

Molecular dynamics simulations of cannabinoid receptors

Michael K Gilson, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator

Arnie Hagler, PhD, Guest Scientist

Force fields

Drug Design

Force field development

Computer-aided drug design

Linda Hwang, BS, Curator

Curation of binding data from patents and articles to BindingDB

Tiqing Liu, PhD, Programmer Analyst

BindingDB development and maintenance

Data curation

Jeffry Setiadi, PhD, Postdoc

Binding free energy calculations

Force field development

Computer-aided drug design

Meenakshi Shinde, PhD, Postdoc

Synthesis of novel supramolecular systems

Photochemistry and photophyscis

Liangyue (Willa) Wang, PhD Student (Chemistry)

Polarizable force fields

Binding free energy calculations


UC San Diego

University of Maryland